Covid Certificate Obligation

Esteemed Course Participants

From 18 October 2021, the 3G obligation will apply at the SanArena Rescue School until further notice.
3G = (geimpft) vaccinated, (genesen) recovered, tested (getestet)  and then there is a certificate for this. 

These official covid-certificates must be presented physically or digitally with official ID on site for inspection when entering the building.
Otherwise participation in the course is not possible - official cancellation to SanArena by e-mail asap to



Do I have to give information to my employer ?
Employers are allowed to use the certificate to introduce adequate and differentiated protection concepts.

You have been fully vaccinated for more than 14 days ?
You received/will receive your Covid certificate digitally as a PDF or on site, depending on the canton.

Procedure for recovered person
You have received/can receive a Covid certificate if the Covid disease was confirmed by a positive PCR test and did not occur more than 180 days ago.
You can apply for the Covid certificate in your canton via an online form. It will then be sent to you in paper form by post.

In the case of a negative PCR test
The Covid certificate will be delivered to you directly in the "COVID Certificate" app upon request (validity 72 hours). You must already indicate that you want to receive a Covid certificate when taking the sample.
In case of a negative rapid antigen test

The Covid certificate will be issued to you by the test centres upon request (validity 48 hours). This can be done directly on site or you will receive the certificate digitally by email or delivered directly into the "COVID Certificate" app.

Covid certificates will not be issued for own self-tests. These will not be accepted for admission.

Thank you for your understanding

SanArena Rettungsschule